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Sunday, 4 March 2012

Earn $0.20 Per Music Review!

What is Slicethepie?
     Slicethepie is a music reviewing website. We pay music fans to review music! Want to know why? You can find out more on our about page! Most of your reviews go directly to unsigned artists to give them feedback and to help us find the best ones to put forward for A&R opportunities and Radio placement. We are in our fourth year of business.
     This is a Legit Site. You can check google whether it's a scam, and you'll find lot of statements indicating its legality.
     This only accepts US residents (you can't register here if your IP is not US based), yet you can still join even you're not. Just use US based vpn or proxy. Don't worry, I already tried that and no conflict on it. (see below the tutorial)

Do I get paid?
     Yep! Slicethepie pay you to review music... we've now had over 7 million reviews submitted and paid out more than $950,000 to our reviewers! (This grows by the day though so check the ticker on the homepage for the actual numbers!)

How do I get paid more?
     Your basic payment per review is based on your ranking. You can earn more by submitting lengthy reviews in well-written English. The better your review, the bigger the bonus payment. We are encouraging scouts to leave detailed reviews and will reward them for their time/effort!
     Try to give detailed, varied and constructive comments to help artists improve their tracks.

Email sent by Paypal for the Slicethepie-payment transaction.

Payment Received through Paypal.

Note: The minimum payout at slicethepie is $10, and the payment processor is Paypal. Also, there is no charge in withdrawing the funds and can be gotten in 24hrs (depends on the quality of your reviews).
For those not yet knowledgeable in making paypal into cash, just have a search in google (lot of tutorials are there).

For those non-US users use this application (Auto Hide IP) to change your IP. 


* First join here.

* Once joined, login to your account. Hear from the song they will play and wait the timer to stop (90 secs.)

* Make a review, and rate it.

* Once done with the review and rating, click Submit.

This will be prompted once clicked the submit button.

* Click the Next button for new song to play.

* Just do the same to reach $10.




* Give a lengthy review for every song played.
* Detail your comments and suggestion to give a quality reviews. 

For the good songs
Sings with passion, professional, interesting, well performed, character, original, fresh, unique, upbeat, personality, summery, commercial, individuality, innovative, distinctive, pleasant, enjoyable, memorable, catchy, great, fab, wonderful, enjoyable, emotion relaxing, inspirational, dynamic, balanced , catchy , well constructed refreshing, original, mellow, atmospheric, toe tapping, sharp, challenging, creative, edgy, daring, sunny, bouncy,raucous,plucky,well produced, smooth quality, introspective (for tracks that have good speaks from the heart lyrics) soaring, heartfelt, meaningful, from the heart, meandering

For the bad songs
Boring, uninspiring, bland, unimaginative, generic, tuneless, unoriginal, weird, uninteresting, random, pitching, tuning issues, don't sing with conviction, dull, boring, flat, strange, indescribable, superficial, superfluous, repetitive, typical, predictable, poorly constructed, flabby, plodding, banal, lazy, brutal, unoriginal, mind numbing, derivative, offensive, puerile, painful, laughable, vomit inducing, not linear, no structure,banal,uninspiring,lacks depth, sparkle, no charisma, flat, no thought, no passion,no feeling, unoriginal, samey, odd, bizarre, thrown together

* To write meaningful review, visit this.

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